The Ecosol™ NetTech



The Ecosol Net Tech is a robust and modern filtration system for use where there are cost or space constraints, or specialised cleaning equipment is not available. The Net Tech system is designed to specifically capture and retain large gross pollutants conveyed in stormwater runoff however in practice, it has been found to collect much smaller particles, including fine sediments.

Easily installed, into most drainage networks the unit’s simple design has a unique net release mechanism that eliminates any adverse hydraulic impact traditionally encountered with direct-screening trash racks. It can be installed not only end-off-line at almost any pipe outlet but also in-line where concrete structures such as manholes and junction boxes can house the unit. It is also a cost-effective and efficient pre-screening system for vegetated swales, wetlands, and on-site detention systems.

The Ecosol Net Tech consists of a stainless-steel sleeve extension that is fitted into existing, or new, outlets, and a removable polyethylene net, which, when full of pollutants, disengages during a rain event, effectively eliminating the risk of flooding during peak-flow storm events. The unit is easily cleaned using a small crane truck for lifting the net and emptying the pollutants.



  • The original net system with a unique fail safe release mechanism

  • Easily installed on most stormwater pipes and culverts

  • Easily maintained by vacuum truck or by crane truck

  • Efficiently captures and retains gross litter and vegetation

  • Durable robust product engineered for the environment in which it operates

  • Cost efficient primary treatment solution.

  • At OceanNZ Environment we can site measure, fabricate, install and maintain your Net Tech system making the whole process seamless.