The Ecosol™ Litter Basket



The Ecosol Litter Basket captures and retains a range of gross pollutants at entry points to the drainage network. Easily installed into most types of side entry pits, also known as gully pits or catch-pits, it retains more than 97% of pollutants greater than 2000μm and in the field it has been found to collect much smaller particles, including fine sediments.

For many years the Ecosol Litter Basket has been seen as the industry standard for at-source filtration with its effectiveness proven over time both in the field and under strict laboratory conditions. Consisting of a capture basket, reusable liner, and overflow bypass flap(s) the Ecosol Litter Basket is fitted below the invert of the gutter inside the drainage pit and, importantly, does not obstruct flow into the outlet pipe. The liner is easily removed and emptied during maintenance and comes in a range of filtration fabric sizes from 100μm to 3000μm, depending on the site requirements.

The Ecosol Litter Basket is designed to meet strict engineering guidelines and manufacturers guarantees and is one of the most durable at-source treatment systems available. The stainless steel components have a life expectancy of 15 years while the filtration bag has a life expectancy of 5 years, providing appropriate maintenance practices are employed.



  • Cost efficient and effective at-source primary treatment solution

  • Easily retrofitted into existing stormwater inlet pits

  • Easily maintained by manual basket removal or by vacuum truck

  • Captures 97% of pollutants larger than 600 micron

  • Durable robust product engineered for the environment in which it operates