This weekend we were down at the Milford Cruising Club with Milford WEEPS raising awareness about local water quality 🌊

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This Net Tech has recently been installed in Porirua. Within an hour of installation, it'd already begun to capture gross pollutants that would've otherwise littered New Zealand's coastlines. It is always great to see these awesome products in action protecting New Zealand's oceans and waterways.

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This was this mornings haul from Long Bay Beach. The second photo is a whole lot of micro plastics picked up within a 15cm radius at the north end of the beach. The same density continues for another 30-40m2. I'll be taking a sift next time! We find lots of building products (such as polystyrene and plastic concrete nail toggles) on the beach down the road from the subdivision. Ecosol™ Litter Baskets by OceanNZ Environment can reduce the amount of pollutants in our stormwater systems and on our beaches by positioning them in hotspots such as subdivisions, industrial areas, and near fast food outlets.

View the Ecosol™ Litter Basket by OceanNZ Environment by clicking the link:

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