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"As the nets are in prominent locales, it is reassuring to the public and the community to see that the Council is being proactive and looking after their lifeblood waterway – so much so that [the] Council readily receives feedback from the public if the nets appear to [be] full." - Nelson City Council.



OceanNZ was born out of my passion for the marine and coastal environment, and the need to reduce threats posed to it by plastic and other pollutants.


We all appreciate and value the importance of the ocean and see marine litter as a global problem.  Millions of tons of plastic particles accumulate in our seas each year as a result of human behaviour.  Once there, they have a potentially detrimental effect on marine life.


At OceanNZ, we have a range of alternative solutions to treat and maintain stormwater discharge to maintain both the health of our oceans and the human benefits associated with it.

As well as benefitting our coastal and marine life, our primary water treatment products can enhance the operational life of secondary and tertiary water treatment facilities down stream, and reduce maintenance costs.





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